Our Town

The ancient town of Alyth is situated on the southern slopes of the foothills to the Grampians amid some of Scotland’s finest scenery.

A church has been present in Alyth since the 6th century, the first founded by St Moluag. The remains of a 13th century church can be seen as a series of arches within the churchyard on the hillside overlooking the town.

Alyth is located on a burn, which bears its name and owes its position to a confluence of drover roads used by hill farmers to bring their sheep and cattle down to market. The picturesque 16th century packhorse bridge is among a number of bridges crossing the burn in the town.


The 1800’s marked a period of industrialization for Alyth. Textiles were at their height following the arrival of the railway in 1861.
In July 2015, the centre of the town was devastated by a flash flood, the three footbridges being swept away. Fortunately, Alyth’s indomitable spirit has enabled the town’s residents to overcome this disaster.